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If you’re thinking about leveraging social media to build your brand, thought leadership, and acquiring new prospects, then you will need to archive all your online communications to stay compliant.

How Financial Advisors are leveraging digital marketing to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplaceThe following is a list in no particular order:

If you are a social media archiving vendor and would like to be added to this list please send a request to


Zachary Hedges

Zachary Hedges is CEO of CaptureTrackConvert, a Marketing Automation Software Solution and Co-Founder of

By combining his expertise in design and creative strategy, his successful experience as a senior web designer, and his standout tenure in multimedia, Zach has helped financial advisors and major financial service companies since 2005, to take their marketing to new levels.

His energy and focus are providing entrepreneurs nationwide with the proper tools and ideas to expand their messaging strategies in fresh, profitable ways – while measuring the results.

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