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shutterstock_100352228Are you using the world wide web to its full advantage? Potential new clients are searching for financial help everyday. Studies show that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Is your firm being found under these local searches?

As mobile continues to dominate the way prospects search for products and services, it is now more important than ever that advisors optimize, and set up a local business listing for the “always on the go” consumer, thereby enabling them to easily find resources wherever they are at any given moment.

The following Info graphic developed by “15miles,” shows the staggering growth of local mobile searches in 2013, with over 35% of mobile apps using Google Maps to search for local businesses in their area.

Here is how to begin with local search engine listings:

  1. Set up Your Google Places Listing:
    Set up a Free Google Places account and appear within Google search, maps, and Google+ for local business searches in your area.
  2. Set up your Yahoo Business Listing:

Create local listings on other business directories as well:

How Financial Advisors are leveraging digital marketing to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplaceThe following list of business directories are not search engines, but online portals searched everyday by millions to find products and services. Other great advantages to having a listing on these directories is:  (1) they provide search engine optimization, as your listing is found in search engine searches; (2) provides high quality backlinks to your website.

Some of the biggest are:

More business directories can be found here:…


Zachary Hedges

Zachary Hedges is CEO of CaptureTrackConvert, a Marketing Automation Software Solution and Co-Founder of

By combining his expertise in design and creative strategy, his successful experience as a senior web designer, and his standout tenure in multimedia, Zach has helped financial advisors and major financial service companies since 2005, to take their marketing to new levels.

His energy and focus are providing entrepreneurs nationwide with the proper tools and ideas to expand their messaging strategies in fresh, profitable ways – while measuring the results.

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