5 Email Marketing Best Practices for Financial Advisors


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If your’re not getting the best conversion rates with your current email marketing strategy, try implementing the following best practices:

1. Less is more

Various studies since 2005 have shown that the average person spends between 10-20 seconds reading their email. Most recipients scan the email content, so keep your message short and sweet (no distractions). Keep all of your content above the fold (so the user does not have to scroll down to see it all), and include your call to action multiple times, both in the beginning of the email and at the end.

2. Mobile, mobile, and more mobile

How Financial Advisors are leveraging digital marketing to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace

Currently 38 to 40% of your prospects and clients will open their email on their mobile device. Forrester Research predicts that 78% of US email users will open their email on mobile devices by 2017. Going forward your email marketing needs to be mobile friendly or your email marketing engagement will take a major hit. There are tons of mobile responsive email templates available for use, so make the switch and be mobile friendly.  Check out the following great resource. http://themeforest.net/category/marketing/email-templates

3. Email Consistency

Your recipients need to be nurtured frequently. Make it a point to send communication out to your clients at least twice a month. For prospects, try and get a communication out once a week which will help you to stay “top of mind” during your client acquisition process.

4. Segmentation is key to better engagement

Your recipients want to receive content based on their interests and needs. By segmenting or filtering them into an email list based on those interests, their contact attributes, and engagement behaviors, you can begin to send content to them that would most likely resonate and garner there interest. This will help with engagement and keep the unsubscribed link from being clicked.

5. Implement the 3 to 1 rule with your messaging

Educate your prospects first, sell to them 2nd. The 3 to 1 rule means, send 3 educational emails for every sales or “invite to meet” email. Make sure the call to actions lead the prospect to more resources about the email content. Implement the art of the soft sell to gain mind share as a thought leader.


Zachary Hedges

Zachary Hedges is CEO of CaptureTrackConvert, a Marketing Automation Software Solution and Co-Founder of TheDigitalFA.com.

By combining his expertise in design and creative strategy, his successful experience as a senior web designer, and his standout tenure in multimedia, Zach has helped financial advisors and major financial service companies since 2005, to take their marketing to new levels.

His energy and focus are providing entrepreneurs nationwide with the proper tools and ideas to expand their messaging strategies in fresh, profitable ways – while measuring the results.

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  1. Steve Saenz says:

    Good ideas for solving a formidable problem. I recently read an article that suggested using numbers in your email subject line. She makes a compelling case…

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