Marketing Automation Made Easy – 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Buffer App


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In my conversations with financial advisors and other professionals across the country, I am told that many struggle with how to keep up with social media. Often, it’s a lack of time, energy or resources to maintain a consistent stream of content. Social Media can be time consuming if you let it run your life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of my favorite Apps that I recommend to those seeking to truly take advantage of the power of social media is Buffer App.

This time-saving tool allows you to strategically send content from across the web into a scheduling tool to later share with your followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Its ease of use enables you to shuffle content within the scheduling feature to carefully time your content to post at specific intervals throughout the day. A once great App just became awesome with their “Go Awesome” plan which expands your posting capabilities to additional platforms. As stated in their Blog post on August 28th, Buffer welcomes Google+ Business Pages (sorry, Google+ personal pages not included) to the available platforms from which you can post.

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To sum things up, here are the 4 reasons I use Buffer App and why you may want to use it as well.

  1. Integration
    Buffer makes it easy to integrate the App into everything you do. In order to maintain a consistent stream of content, I have integrated Buffer shortcuts into Google Chrome for fast scheduling (not to mention many website have the shortcut as well just look for the symbol), pairing with Social Bro (Twitter analytics), among various other tools.
  2. Scheduling at its Best
    Because of Buffer’s integration with Social Bro as I mentioned above, you can import a report called “Best Time to Tweet” from Social Bro to pre-establish the (as the report states) best time to tweet. This will generate a content schedule for you. However, it also provides the flexibility to schedule & establish specific times and frequency (# of posts) manually. Once that is done, you can begin sending content from all across the web that you have read, for which Buffer will drop them into the next available time slot.
  3. Go Awesome
    I thought the App was great before, allowing scheduled posts to Facebook (Profiles & Pages), LinkedIn (Profiles & Groups), and Twitter. However the recent addition of Google+ pages will allow you to post to your company’s Google page (in the event that you have one and compliance permits you to use this platform).
  4. Low Cost
    The free version is exceptional, however if you choose to “Go Awesome,” the price only jumps to a reasonable $9.99 per month ($8.50 per month if paid annually).
    For what it’s worth and what it enables you to accomplish, Buffer App is one that should not be overlooked. If you’re anything like me, it is a great way to keep things simple.

*Disclaimer: I do not receive any form of compensation from Buffer App or its affiliates. This post was written to inform the reader of the value of this particular tool as it pertains to their social media marketing efforts.

Todd Greider

Todd Greider is a seasoned professional with more than 11 years of sales, marketing, as well as learning and development experience. Now as an independent consultant, he focuses on designing and implementing comprehensive learning platforms for organizations to help them reach their organizational development and revenue goals. He also focused on coaching small business owners on how to maximize their efforts using inbound marketing strategies to build their brands.

For the past 9 years, he was responsible for designing and managing a comprehensive learning platform that offered mentoring, live training, distance learning, and coaching for financial professionals across the US. These educational opportunities covered the areas of marketing, social media, financial planning, and insurance and investment product education to help financial professionals build sustainable and profitable businesses.

Todd received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing & International Business from Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) designation holder from the American Society for Training and Development. Outside of work, he is a proud family man, soccer fanatic, amateur cyclist, and scuba diver. You may find him on Twitter (@toddgreider) or via other connection points at www.about.me/toddgreider to share ideas.

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