Advisors: Do investors want your personal life details on social media?


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Finect’s 2014 Survey tells you the top interactions that don’t work

When we talk about advisors using social media to build relationships with clients, we all agree that investors – and, all humans — want to engage with someone who seems human. In other words, a real person, just like them.

But, one of the frequent questions advisors might ask is: how much of my personal life should I share? Will baby pictures or pet videos on social media enhance my relationships with clients or might it actually turn them off?

That’s the question we asked in our survey with individual investors who already do connect with their advisors on social media. And, the verdict?

survey results of how investors feel its necessary to connect with advisors via social mediaSome 78% of investors who connect with their advisors on social media stated that their advisors’ personal life details – like travel photos on social media — are not at all important to share. Still, 11% say this is actually very important to them.

We also ranked the importance for 13 different frequent communication approaches on social media. Here are the least important interactions, according to investors surveyed, that advisors on social should know:

investors survey results of least important social media interactions

*Note that while the above are the least important to investors, one should not conclude investors place no importance on them.

Detail here:

investors survey results for ranking of importance for social media interaction

So how do advisors distinguish between having personal interactions and sharing their personal life on social media? Examples of personal interactions include sharing opinions, showing emotion and personality, and/or taking interest in another person’s well-being.

But don’t confuse this with sharing details of your personal life, such as travel photos, detailed activities of your new baby, your brand new hairstyle, etc. In truth, investors generally don’t care about these daily happenings.

baby enjoying desertD. Bruce Johnston, CEO and Co-Founder of TheDigitalFA, added,

social media is about building your online persona through credible posts that enhance your reputation. Advisors should concentrate on taking their online presence from resume to reputation and generally this doesn’t include a lot of sharing of personal information.

As the survey reports, only 11% of investors are interested in personal information from their financial advisor. My take, this is not the time for advisors to “fight the tape” – keep it professional.”

So, Finect suggests that you separate your personal social accounts from your business accounts and show only the important life events or celebratory moments on your business account.

A great example of an advisor who strikes a balance between personal and professional interactions on social media is Brittney Castro, the founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women. Check out her business Facebook page and you can feel her attractive personality without feeling overwhelmed by her life details.

To access more on the behavior or feature that affect investor’s decisions when choosing an advisor through social media, download Finect’s full report for free here.

Click here to download the full report.


Sherry Chen

Sherry Chen is a creative marketing professional in the financial industry. She is CFA candidate of Level 1 and received Advanced Business Certificate in Marketing Intelligence during her MBA in the University of Connecticut. With over 4 years of strategic marketing and branding experience. Highly successful in developing and implement effective and creative solutions to financial services companies.

She currently holds a position with Finect which is a complaint social media platform for investors and financial professionals and she is also the author of Finect’s 2014 Individual Investors Social Media Behavior Report.

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