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When I am not traveling for work, mornings find me walking my dog, Aboo. We hike up to Mount Tabor Park, an amazing urban landscape of huge trees and quiet trails. Near one of the park entrances, a rock wall is being installed. The landscape crew, about half-way through their project, is working at moving huge boulders, fitting them into their proper places. As I observed their work this morning, I admired the ways these stone quilters create structures that are both functional and beautiful.

My admiration stems from an awe of their precision in placement of these stones. They use guidelines and level lines to guide their efforts. But, because nature is unpredictable, there is no exact plan on which rock to lie first, second, third and so on. In order to make their beautiful walls they simply need to lay the first rock and review the space and then select the next one. They prepare as much as they can – similar sized boulders piled together – and then they begin. As they build, they tweak, move, and add in smaller rocks to help create the wall they see in their mind’s eye. But, a wall will not exist until they get started.

I imagine some advisors feel the same way about using social media. It all seems so complicated and overwhelming, so they opt to simply stand on the sidelines and let others quilt the conversation. Sadly, these advisors miss out on important conversations, critical connections and an inexpensive way to build their market.

No more excuses! What is the first rock that you plan to lay in order to start your social media effort? How about something as simple as connecting with all of your clients and prospects on LinkedIn? You could seek out LinkedIn Groups in your region, or join your alma mater group. This could be the week that you set up your Twitter account, or the one when you begin to integrate LinkedIn into your sales and marketing efforts. Whatever it is, begin by beginning.

Set an intention to get involved and dedicate time each day to integrate social media into your face-to-face networking and sales efforts. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Look up each one of your clients on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. “Like” or follow their company pages.
  • Do the same for your key partners or leaders in the financial services industry. Principal, Fidelity, American Century and more have Twitter profiles. You can learn quite a bit from their posts and discussions.
  • Connect with other advisors outside your region. This increases your network and may provide a tipping point to your profile on LinkedIn. Once you have 250 connections, LinkedIn spiders can make more accurate recommendations on new connections.
  • Before your next meeting, head onto LinkedIn and review the profiles of the key decision makers.
  • If you like what someone posts in an update, comment… or better yet, share with your network. On Twitter this is considered a re-tweet.
  • If you regularly watch CNN or listen to NPR, add those to your Twitter feed or Facebook friends list.
  • Finally, set a timer for 15 minutes per day to explore social media. That way you won’t worry about the distraction, and you’ll have a definitive deadline for your efforts.

Sheri Fitts

Sheri Fitts is the president of ShoeFitts Marketing, a marketing consulting firm serving the financial services marketplace. In her role, Sheri collaborates with financial advisors, third party administrators, and larger financial service organizations. She helps these industry professionals to leverage marketing tools, social media strategy, and meaningful connections to increase client retention and drive revenue.

Sheri debuted as an award-winning graphic designer, then progressed into participant curriculum design and eventually onward to the sales and marketing arena. As a consultant, she works to help firms build out their marketing strategy, reach advisors, and encourage employees. As a speaker, she engages audiences by sharing stories of her 20+ years of financial service experiences and experiments, successes and learning moments, as well as a sweeping range of marketing and social media strategy-based topics, weaving humor and sincerity into her delivery.

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