May 14, 2014 WEBINAR: Leveraging LinkedIn for Client Acquisition and Retention


Measuring Marketing Automation ROI for Financial Advisors
Presentor: D. Bruce Johnston
Company: TheDigitalFA LLC

TheDigitalFA is pleased to make the replay of the Wednesday, May 14th “Leveraging LinkedIn for Client Acquisition and Retention” webinar available to you to listen to at your leisure.

By now you are realizing there is a bit of science to LinkedIn and used correctly LinkedIn is becoming one of the most powerful tools for client acquisition and retention. Used incorrectly it is may serve as a major deterrent to developing your practice.

By filling in the form to the right Wednesday’s webinar where we discussed how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile and leverage the built-in search capabilities of LinkedIn to acquire and retain more clients will be available to you.

We hope you enjoy replay and we look forward to our workshop June 13th in Nashville, TN where we will be introducing LinkedIn 2.0 “The Art of Identifying Prospects on LinkedIn”.

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