The Best Marketing Channels for your Practice: Part 1


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Would you like me to tell you exactly which marketing channels will bring you the most qualified leads who turn into your favorite clients? Of course you would! You’d think as a marketing strategist that’s what I do. I can certainly help, but the bottom line is that different channels work better for some practices, professionals, and personalities than others. There is no cookie cutter solution. With today’s world of digital marketing, “best practices” change at a rapid pace and the way to keep up is to test, learn, and apply the knowledge you gain.

Test and learn means you try out a marketing channel and then invest more resources in it if it works. If it doesn’t work, or work as well as other channels, you can invest less or ditch it completely. You must know what works to be able to decide a further investment with confidence. You can only know what works when you TRACK how it performs. You can accomplish this in many ways:

  • Provide a code for a registration form that you correlate to a specific source.
  • Ask through a pull down menu or fill in the box on your web forms.
  • Ask or train your staff to ask when someone calls. I like this method because I can hear a bit more about the discovery process. The key with this method though is to be sure you are recoding it in your database in some manner.
  • Inquire as part of the Intake process (on a data questionnaire).
  • Match back a person’s name to a mailing list to whom your marketed.
  • Track clicks and conversions on your emails.
  • Follow the metrics for your social media efforts.
  • Use Google Analytics or another tool to tell you from where people come.

As you can see, there are many ways to track, but the key is to actually LOOK at that data with some regularity (at least quarterly) to know how things are going. While you are smaller you may be able to keep track in your head and formal analysis is overkill, but if you aspire to grow, or you want someone else to be able to help you with the analysis of your marketing channels, you need to keep track of the data and make it easy to retrieve.

Kristin Harad

Passionate about helping entrepreneurial financial professionals succeed, Kristin teaches how to use powerful marketing strategies in practical ways and offers free marketing training videos at Kristin is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and the founder of VitaVie Financial Planning,a fee-only firm in San Francisco, CA which she grew to six figures in less than 3 years from scratch.

Kristin teamed up with fellow The Digital FA Thought Leader Kristen Luke to make practice management resources available to the advisor community in a do-it-yourselfmanner. Kristin co-founded of The Mercato, an online marketplace for independent advisors to access tools, templates, and training to help build their practices.

With nearly 15 years of corporate marketing and ad agency experience prior to starting her financial planning firm, Kristin brings a refreshing look at how to market your practice in a common sense, cost effective and enjoyable way.

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