5 Useful Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors


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As each day passes more people are switching to mobile devices like tablet computers & smart phones to conduct daily online tasks. This is not exactly breaking news but with so many mobile apps on the market what might not be as apparent for financial advisors is which apps are most useful as well as recommended for their industry in 2013 and why.

For many financial advisors, consultants and wealth managers it’s common to spend a lot of time on the road traveling. This is all the more reason why having the most useful mobile apps is important and in some cases essential.

When it comes to financial advisors deciding what mobile apps are most suitable for their needs some common questions include:

  1. What types of mobile solutions are available to me?
  2. Who are the leading mobile solution providers in my industry?
  3. What mobile apps can help fulfill the needs of both myself as an advisor and my clients?
  4. What are the best mobile apps available to simplify the work I do on a daily basis?

Below is a list of 5 useful mobile apps to make your life as a financial advisor a little easier.

LinkedIn CardMunch

LinkedIn CardMunchHow many times have you obtained a business card only to end up misplacing it or have it get lost in a pile of other business cards or cluttered paperwork? Our intentions are always good but not following up with some people because we can’t find their contact information happens to the best of us. Just like the age old saying: “out of site, out of mind”. If a business card gets lost or buried it’s a lot less likely that we’ll follow up with that particular contact or by the time we find the business card we might have even forgotten who that individual or company was.

CardMunch, an app acquired by LinkedIn, helps provide an easy solution to this common problem. It’s brilliant really. All you do is take a snapshot of someones business card and upload it to CardMunch. Someone on the other end then manually adds the data which is instantly stored as a contact on your mobile device. Not only that, but since it’s a LinkedIn owned app, it also imports individual profiles associated with the business card as well as shared connections. Very handy app to say the least! Learn more by clicking the link below.

App Link:

Kony Mobile Financial Advisor

Kony-Mobile-Financial-Advisor-appThis is another handy app that makes it easy for financial advisors to constantly stay in the loop with client performance & data. Results are all in real-time and it’s a great app especially when you’re constantly on the go. Have data at the ready no matter where you are! Look up client portfolios, view colorful and informative graphs and always remain knowledgeable about how your client’ investments are performing. The more raw and real-time data you have the more effective you can be as an advisor.

App Link:


WebExpenses appAs mentioned above, financial advisors are often on the road and the WebExpenses app helps companies easily keep track of all traveling expenses. This is a subscription based app which starts at a cost of $84/month for 10 to 50 users. For small to large scale companies it has many benefits and is well worth the price.

The WebExpenses app is easy to use and with its many features actually helps companies cut down on traveling costs. If employees are in a hurry and don’t have time to manually enter receipt information it also has the option to take snapshots of receipts which can instantly be stored on a private company web server for later viewing. It really is an all-in-one solution for managing and keeping track of both mileage and all expenses.

App Link:

Compoundee HD

Compoundee HD is something that every financial advisor should have in their arsenal of apps. It’s a multi-purpose app that can swiftly handle even the most complicated calculations. For example, quickly generate calculations for investments based on rates, deposit frequency, inflation and more. Find out what compound totals for investments will be for daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual timeframes. You can even solve up to 5 variations at once.

App Link: Compoundee HD at Apple iTunes Store

Investment Guide + by Forbes

Last but not least, this app doesn’t have fancy graphs or calculators but the Forbes Investment Guide + app will keep you updated on the latest news, tips and happenings in the investment & financial industry. Even if it’s just a fun app for the purpose of reading headlines or passing time on a plane or road trip, it’s one we recommend installing.

App Link: Investment Guide + by Forbes at Apple iTunes Store

BONUS VIDEO: 10 Best Apps for Financial Advisors and Their Clients

What, you thought we were finished? We couldn’t end this article without including some extra goodies. Below is a useful video we also thought you’d enjoy called “10 Best Apps for Financial Advisors and Their Clients”. This video is courtesy of Willis Consulting. Enjoy!


Above are mentions of just a few of many useful mobile apps available for financial advisors. If you know of additional apps that are worth mentioning and would be beneficial to advisors in the financial industry please share them in the comments section below!

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