4 Ways Financial Advisors Can Boost Email Marketing Success In 2013


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Each day your existing clients and potential prospects receive numerous emails, most of which they don’t even bother to open. Below are a few tips to help make your message stand out and be heard.

1) Always Remember the Importance of Value

Being overly aggressive with email campaigns is a common mistake that people make. It might seem justified and as though you’re simply working harder to get your message out there but if your message/content does not add any value then all you’re going to do is scare people away and force them to opt-out from your email marketing campaigns all together.

Try not to mistake being creative with adding value either. Thinking outside the box and being creative is a great thing when it comes to marketing but once again if you’re not providing something of real value then you’re likely not going to achieve the desired results you’re looking for.

2) Oops, You Forgot to Mention Why & How

Most advisors explain the “what” in their message but often times forget about explaining the “why” and the “how” in any real depth. For example; “Attend Our Free Webinar“, “Follow us on Twitter” or “Download our educational eBook“. These are common call to actions that fall into the “what” category. Sure, it’s a webinar, an eBook (or whatever you happen to be promoting) but why should people engage and how will it benefit them by doing so?

  • Why: Have you done a good job in regards to explaining why someone should take time out of their day to engage in what you are trying to offer? People constantly receive various different offers each day, why is your offer so special and out of all the offers people have to choose from (most of which are ignored) why is it that what you’re offering is worth taking extra notice?
  • How: Be sure to explain how your offering could make someone’s financial outlook better. Will it educate them? Will it help them retain assets? Will it warn them of changes in the market that they may need to take heed to?

3) Switch to Marketing Automation

Making the switch from basic email marketing to marketing automation is much easier than you might think. TheDigitalFA’s very own D. Bruce Johnston explains this further in his free white paper Going From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation.

By leveraging the power of marketing automation you are allowing yourself and your financial services firm the ability to work smarter instead of harder, not to mention gain much better results. In some cases those who have never used such technology find the thought alone intimidating in regards to the whole process involved and also have a hard time justifying the cost of making such a switch.

Truth is, once you test the waters with automated marketing you’ll never go back to the old batch & blast way of doing things. Using such technology will become second nature sooner than later and in regards to cost there are great products such as CaptureTrackConvert which offer enterprise level marketing automation solutions at small to medium sized business prices.

4) Keep Your Contacts, Clients & Potential Customers Engaged

Retention is key. People on your mailing list(s) can lose interest quickly so you want to keep them engaged at all times. There are many strategies & best practices you can use to do this such as:

  • Follow up with them on a personal level. Sure, we live in a digital age where much is done by computers but at the end of the day we’re all still human. Adding that personal touch is a great way to help retain interest and connect even better with others.
  • Ask them about their needs & how you can better serve those needs.
  • Respond promptly to email replies & make yourself easy to reach.

Above are just a few examples of how you can improve your email marketing success rate. You may also be interested in reading about these additional email marketing best practices to help improve your strategies even more.

Darryl Burma

Darryl Burma has over 16 years of online development, social media, branding and marketing experience. For the past few years Darryl has been heavily involved in the crowdfunding industry and is the Co-Founder & CEO at, the worlds’ first ever global geo-location based crowdfunding business and 411 search directory. CrowdMapped is also a trusted crowdfunding company review site, helps bring transparency to the industry and also helps both entrepreneurs and crowdfunding companies, service providers and funding portals alike by connecting the right people to help ensure the most optimum results that meet desired needs and goals.

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