4 Steps to Building Relationships with Social Media


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building relationships with social mediaWhat gives a financial advisor an edge in social media? Is there a formula? Is it the quality of the content they provide? Is it the number of connections they reach? Is it time spent interacting?

In part, success with social media is dependent on all of these items; interaction, connections, and content. The greatest indicator of success in social media is community and relationships.

Financial Advisors that find success with social media have good relationship building skills and genuinely care about the people with whom they are connected.

Financial Advisors and other professionals should consider the following 4 steps when building relationships via social media.

#1 Engagement

A mentor of mine used to tell me “sales and marketing are contact sports”. We cannot passively sit by and expect things to happen. We have to reach out to others to gain positive results.

Social media is first and foremost social. In order to build relationships with others, we must first engage people who share our interest.

Introductions via social media can happen in a number of ways. Utilize your current connections to reach new connections, join new groups and discussions to open yourself up to new communities and send direct messages. As a LinkedIn Premium subscriber, I utilize InMail as much as possible.

#2 Take an Interest in Your Connections

Social media allows us to observe others. Through our newsfeeds, we can easily see what our connections are interested in, their philosophies and what they have going on in business and personal life.

Take note of the topics or items that are important to your connections. When you have the opportunity, engage with your community on the topics that matter most to them. If you see a trend in discussion topics, you can offer content that addresses those issues. Advice to others may be valuable, but expressing genuine interest in their lives will go a long way toward building a relationship.

#3 Provide Valuable Content

Many professionals demonstrate expertise in their field through content development and sharing. Make sure that you are providing content that speaks to the needs and interests of your community.

With the content that you share, engagement is key. Remember to ask questions of your audience. Make the goal of your content to share advice and create discussion. Open conversations allow you to know your connections better and further your relationship.

#4 Help Others

The easiest way to help others through social media is by facilitating introductions.

Professionals are utilizing social media to gain knowledge, grow their community and create more business opportunities. An introduction from a trusted person can be a great way to help other professionals.

Above all else, strive to create authentic relationships and stay present within your social communities. Relationships have the potential to turn into referral resources, business opportunities and friendships. Give an edge to your social media by applying focus and strategy for success.

Charlie Van Derven

Charlie Van Derven is a Managing Partner at Social Advisors. He advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use social media networks to gain introductions, build relationships, deliver value, and create business opportunities. A 12 year veteran of the financial services industry, he provides digital marketing solutions; from developing advisor website strategy for large wirehouse clients to personalized social media coaching. Charlie is dedicated to helping financial advisors successfully leverage social network potential.

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