Top 5 Features for Financial Professionals Announced at the Apple WWDC 2014


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Back in the 1970′s and 1980′s there was a TV commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It ran something like this, “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate! No, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter! Delicious!” This theme of blended ideology appears to be an evolution of Apple’s iOS together with OS X that will show, two great tastes brought together to create something remarkable, as the slogan goes. The blending and continuity of Apple’s user experience will have the greatest influence on by what method advisors communicate with their clients.

Recently a few folks in the media believed that the progression of Apple’s OS X becoming more like the iOS would be the beginning of the end for the iMac or Macbook; nonetheless, I think it is quite the opposite trend. Users will become more motivated than ever to embrace Apple’s experience of simplicity, security and familiarity. Apple has a positive reputation by countless people for their refinement of consumer products and attention to detail. The recent Apple World Wide Developers Conference granted us a preview in what manner Apple will help promote increased efficiency and productivity through their devices with a few distinct solutions especially beneficial for financial professionals.


1. iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive will be utilized to backup and create a copy of any file on all your devices. You will be equipped to do this with all your Apple devices including the PC in the fall of 2014. You will have the versatility to start, edit and finish your work from various devices and have access to the latest version of all your documents from any device. Successful firms collaborate as a team in order to achieve their goals, soon your gadgets will do the equivalent on a different level behind the scenes by keeping your work current without any additional input. Your business, your work, will be everywhere you are, updated and ready to use at a moments notice.

2. Wi-Fi Calling

Handoff will empower your Smartphone, iMac or MacBook with the ability to manage phone calls from all your devices when these devices are within range for communication continuity. We as financial professionals rely on mobile devices in and out of the office. If you forward your office telephone to your smartphone, a few pitfalls may occur. One pitfall is the possibility of bad call reception, and the other is the age old problem of shortened battery life. Handoff will permit you to answer voice calls through your iPad and Mac. This type of functionality was exclusively available with competing phones controlled by wireless carriers. Now Apple’s solution can ensure better call quality and more call stability through a wi-fi connection on your devices. This functionality empowers the mobile financial professional.

3. TouchID

digital fingerprintFingerprint security will eventually replace your passwords. Currently, TouchID can only be used to unlock the iPhone 5s. The iOS update in the fall will support the development of third-party apps to authenticate security applications used with forthcoming iPhone and iPad models. Apple has made it clear to privacy advocates that app developers will not have direct access to any fingerprint or biometric data even if you use their app with TouchID. Imagine the added convenience for you and your clients never having to manually type-in or reset a forgotten password again.

4. Digital Signatures

Apple will introduce a feature named Markup, a potential game changing feature for marking up email and signing documents on your Mac with their native email client. This functionality will be will be used for the mass adoption and acceptance of digital signatures utilizing the Apple platform. Once you have downloaded the free OS X Yosemite for your iMac or Macbook, your email will prompt and allow you to embed a graphical representation of your signature on a PDF document. This concept is not original, however, Apple had filed the patents to make digital signatures simple and secure for the masses.

5. Enhanced Document Sharing

Apple Mail DropThe new Mail Drop functionality will provide the means for sharing large and sensitive documents to your customers while advancing security. If your client or firm is also using Yosemite’s native email, they will see these files as attachments with the capacity of up to 5GB of data per message. If a person is receiving these files you send are using a different email client or access their email through webmail they will see a link similar to other cloud sharing services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive just to mention a few. The most significant enhancements to take notice of will be the large size of the attachments allowed together with robust encryption. Nearly all of the other cloud file services do not offer the same conveniences or built-in compliance.

The path that Apple has taken with their hardware and software will gain more appeal to the financial community by delivering the progression of your everyday office workflow experience with security and continuity. Those of us in the financial community are just beginning to embrace the potential of tablets in addition to smartphones as practical tools in our contemporary practices. The old standard of financial professionals remaining tied down to solely a mere desktop computer will become simply a memory. The trend of advisors staying connected to the information that matters while operating outside their four walls will proceed to accelerate at a steady pace.

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