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Financial Advisors demand clear, concise up to the second quotes and news at a moments notice. From the start of my career in the financial services industry, real-time and streaming was the only choice with no substitutions. Analysis, trading, and monitoring your portfolio holdings is not the same with a 15 minute delay. You may want to examine the aforementioned iOS and Android applications because these solutions can make the difference of riding the tide of opportunity or missing the lap of victory.

PortfolioLivePortfolioLive by Turing Studios is one of my preferred real-time stock quote applications. One reason is because I am able to obtain real-time quotes for all publicly listed stocks, Mutual Funds in addition to ETFs. I have utilized this application on my iPhone since its initial release in 2009. This is my go to market application for an instantaneous glance of everything that’s essential. The indicators are especially clear and operate advertisement free with crash free performance. The easy to read screen is very customizable. PortfolioLive also supports advanced charting with an integrated up-to-date Financial News Reader. PortfolioLive is compatible with all mobile iOS devices; however, I would like to see an iPad variant. PortfoilioLive can exclusively be purchased in the iTunes App Store for $5.99. Currently they have a limited sale for 66% off the usual cost. Unlike many real-time quote services, that require a subscription, this one will not. Just download it and you are ready to go. I believe this App is an outstanding value for $2.00.

Click here to download paid iPhone version.

Click here to download free iPhone version.

Bloomberg AppThe Bloomberg application available for your smartphone and tablet is a visually polished and meticulously curated experience. It’s amazing how they use your digital device’s real estate. Financial professionals around the globe use this app to obtain their news, exchange data and portfolio tracking tools. I appreciate the enhanced media available through this application. You can find enhancements such as Bloomberg Television Live, in addition, to Bloomberg Radio. News stories may be shared via Facebook and Twitter. The interactive chart is completely touch based. If you don’t require streaming or real-time market quotes, this application may be useful for the road-warrior’s toolbox. The App is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

Click here to download free version.

Stocks Live AppStocks Live by Cinnamon Mobile has all the desirable attributes of PortfolioLive together with Bloomberg plus more. The application has real-time live quotes, news, advanced charts and a dash of style to-boot. This application happened to be recommended by Apple in the App Store Essentials Money Management category. Stocks Live can further help you find stocks on the rise. The news reader pulls 130+ feeds on news sources like Yahoo Finance, CNNMoney, NYTimes, Forbes, Reuters and more. This app natively supports the use of iCloud, Pocket (formerly Read it Later) in addition to Twitter. You may download the free or paid version exclusively in the iTunes Store. Depending on your wants, the paid version ranges in cost from $3.99-$49.99 :

Click here to download paid iPad version.

Click here to download free iPad version.

CNBC Real-Time AppCNBC Real-Time by NBC Universal, Inc appears to be the only free App that delivers Real-Time quotes from the NYSE and NASDAQ. This is the first application I access with my iPhone just as soon as I awake. CNBC RT delivers headline news and pre-market data with an uncomplicated clear interface. Advertisements are present; however, I believe its an acceptable trade-off because they are continually producing great content 24-7. CNBC Realtime is like possessing a mini-tv pumping out over 150 top headlines, commentary and expert viewpoints on investing directly from your pocket. The App can be found in the iTunes:

Click here to download for your iPhone.

Click here to download for your iPad.

This app is also available in the Google Play Store.

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