A Reprise: Do You Want Fewer Nervous Clients?


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Part of what makes The DigitalFA unique is that we hover at the intersection of digital business with marketing for the financial advisor in mind. Often that means how we prospect, communicate and engage – be it email, social media or other online property. However, Marty Morua reminds us that we can also garner marketing concepts from the now-digital tools we use to manage our clients’ financial lives. Here Mr. Morua outlines a roster of web-based solutions for assessing risk in client investments. We would suggest this discipline in your business, and its delivery, is a marketing talking point. This topic and the content you  produce from it can be something to weave into how you describe what you and your business do for your clients.

Marty came back to us with an update to his piece run late last year – and we felt it important to resurface that here as well as updating the original article. You can read the full profiles here.

Blane Warrene

Blane Warrene co-founded Arkovi Social Media Archiving (acquired by RegEd in 2012). He continues advising financial advisors and financial institutions with QuonWarrene, a company he founded with Neal Quon. He speaks and writes the digital business model and technology in financial services. Blane is a lifelong musician and lover of history. He serves on the board of the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historical landmark. Blane also serves as Editor at Large for The Digital FA.

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