Why the Most Effective Social Media Communication Results from Just Being Yourself


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Atmosphere tends to be overlooked when thinking through what it means to be digital today. Being digital now encompasses having an effective website and incorporating a social media presence into your business.

Think of the areas where atmosphere means something to us. We crave it and often go to great lengths to establish it in:

  • our homes
  • our office space(s)
  • where we eat
  • where we socialize.

And for many, even where we carve out quiet spaces for reading and writing requires atmosphere for our highest focus.

Yet, when strategizing how to be social, we can get caught in a crossfire of the mechanics of strategy and tactics aimed at clicks, follows, likes and more, too often without some context to allow for it to be authentic and to feel closer to natural.

Some introspection can help make your efforts integrate better into your everyday process.

Your culture and Your Voice

Every business, regardless of size, has a core identity that started with why you hung out a shingle in the first place. The beliefs informed that launch formed the voice through which you interact with your customers, partners and influencers. Likewise, the atmosphere you established to find joy in your office (be it the kitchen table or a corporate setting) impacts that voice.

Consider how you train your staff to engage with your clients in the office or when meeting in person. What tone do you leverage in written communications with them? Extend that to them as a consideration when they engage on social networks – be it personal or business.

How tragic a mistake would it be to suddenly use some generic recipe when interacting on social media platforms? And how many of your customers will see right through it?

Some Fundamentals – Mediums

Think about how you like to communicate. Do you prefer to write, speak, draw? To your advantage, all of those mediums are supported on social platforms. This means you don’t try to force yourself into a persona, but do what you love to do and bring that to your social media content.

In doing so you not only find the effort of creating and sharing ideas less burdensome, but your natural voice will be apparent to those who follow and engage with you. They will sense the atmosphere.


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