About Us

TheDigitalFA is the only portal dedicated exclusively to the social media, technology and digital marketing needs of Advisors and Financial Advisors. TheDigitalFA further differentiates itself as our articles, podcasts and white papers take into account the unique rules and regulations the SEC and FINRA place on Financial Advisors and Advisors.

TheDigitalFA website brings together some of the financial services industry’s best minds on digital marketing to provide current thinking on Mobile, Cloud Computing, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Outsourcing on the go, Social Media, Social Networking, Big Data and Cool Apps and trends not known today that will impact the financial advisory practice of the future.

Strategies for Leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networking applications are all delivered under one resource, TheDigitalFA, for the first time.  We hope you enjoy this invaluable resource and we welcome your comments and contributions.

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